Behavioural Economics

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The field of this research line counts with a research group on behavioural and experimental economics, with a relevant record of scientific publications, and policy and industry applications.

The group develops sound theoretical behavioural models not only to address relevant questions coming to fundamental research (for instance, the understanding of human cognitive processes), but also to solve research questions coming from different application fields (gender studies, behavioural finance, online behaviour, privacy concerns, etc.).

The research group also validates and calibrates such theoretical behavioural models with experimental methods. In particular, ERI-CES gathers empirical evidence that is difficult to obtain directly from broader uncontrolled economic contexts. Hence, behavioural responses from individuals are analysed and used to model more complete economic theories and policy making. All of this is effectively provided thanks to the experimental laboratory (LINEEX)  located in the Edificio de Institutos de la Universidad de Valencia. Ethical considerations are critical for research and application of behavioural methods. In ERI-CES/LINEEX we apply a strict an ethical code of practice, covering both potential implications of the use of the research results and the rights and interests of the individuals participating in our experiments.