Microeconomics and Game Theory

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The research group in Microeconomics and Game Theory works in the design of theoretical models of several aspects of Information Theory and Industrial Economics, and their application both to information problems and the interaction in these environments, and the design of optimal structures of organizations and markets.

One current line of research aims to advance the knowledge of the role played by digital markets and institutions in the development of the information society and economy. In particular, the analysis of firms’ information sharing strategies that could have negative impacts on competition or unfair behaviour with respect to consumers and/or other platform participants of the digital ecosystem. In this line, the research group addresses 1) the designs of mechanisms to regulate digital portals, to protect both consumers and market competitors and ii) proposes new methodological frameworks for the analysis of the acquisition of information by digital companies and the trajectory of equilibrium prices.

Another line, is the design of mechanisms for the regulation of the telecommunications market, and its impact on competition policy and the regulation of digital markets.

Finally, some researches of this group try to advance in the development of behavioural mechanisms of belief formation and decision-making under high uncertainty levels.