• Ph.D. in Industrial Economics, Universitat de València, Spain
  • Master in Economics, Universitat de València, Spain
  • Degree in Economics, Universitat de València, Spain

Fields of interest

Game Theory, Behavioural Economics, Experimental Economics

My publications

  • Alventosa, A., Pires, C.P., Jorge, S.F., Pinho, J., & Catalão-Lopes, M. (2023). How does firms' cost structure affect their quality-price mix? An experimental analysis. Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Economics, 107, 102109.
  • Alventosa, A., Pinho, J., Ferreira Jorge, S., & Catalão-Lopes, M. (2023). Vertical product differentiation in the lab: impact of consumers’ preferences. Applied Economics Letters, 1-6.
  • Alventosa, A., Antonioni, A., & Hernández, P. (2021). Pool punishment in public goods games: How do sanctioners’ incentives affect us?. Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization, 185, 513-537.
  • Alventosa, A., & Olcina, G. (2021). Rich and Poor: On the Emergence of a Sanctioning Institution. Journal of Institutional and Theoretical Economics, 177(1), 56-80.
  • Alventosa, A., & Olcina, G. (2020). Tax compliance and wealth inequality. Applied Economics Letters, 27(11), 899-903.
  • Alventosa, A., & Hernández, P. (2019). Monitoring teamwork: how do punishment motivations change with group size. Economía industrial, (413), 51-59.
  • Alventosa, A., Gómez, Y., Martínez-Molés, V., & Vila, J. (2016). Location and innovation optimism: a behavioral-experimental approach. Journal of the Knowledge Economy, 7, 890-904.