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G-RIE-CES Prometeo Project
The Excellence Research Group in Strategic Economic Behaviour (G-RIE-CES) funded by the Generalitat Valenciana Prometeo Programme is the result of the collaboration of researchers of two previous research groups distinguished by the former Generalitat Valenciana Programme on Research Excellence. It involves researchers from the University of Valencia, the University Jaume I and the University of Alicante. Their recent collaboration in both research and academic activities (as in the organization of the most relevant industrial economics conference in Europe, the EARIE Conference, the running of one of the largest laboratories in Experimental and Computational Economics in Europe, LINEEX, and the Doctoral Programme in Industrial Economics of the University of Valencia) has been very fruitful and stirred the foundation of the new research group G-RIE-CES.

At the present time, our research lines are: Microeconomics and Strategic Economic Behaviour, Economic and Social Behaviour in Labour Markets, Experimental Economics, Applied Industrial Economics, Industrial Economics, Environmental and Resources Economics and Transport Economics. These research lines have produced approximately 85 publications during the period “2004-2009” in international reviews listed in the JCR rankings, for example in Econometrica, Games and Economic Behavior, Experimental Economics, Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, Small Business Economics, Journal of Industrial Economics, Journal of Economics and Management Strategy, Journal of Transport Economics and Policy, Regional Science and Urban Economics, Oxford Economic Papers, just to mention a few. Finally, the members of the group from the University of Valencia are also affiliated to the Interdisciplinary Research Network on Economic and Social Behaviour (ERI-CES) of the University of Valencia.


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Head of research: Amparo Urbano Salvador
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