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The aim of the ERI-CES discussion paper series is to disseminate the research carried out by ERI-CES researchers and other external researchers.

Articles may undergo an internal refereeing process. All researchers working (or visiting) the ERI-CES can publish a first version of their work. You are welcome to suggest the name of the referee (from the ERI-CES or external visitors). Papers (in a PDF format) should be submitted to José J. Sempere.


WP04_2020 Do irresponsible corporate activities prevent membership in sustainable stock indices? The case of the Dow Jones Sustainability Index world

Published at: this link


WP03_2020 Old wine in new wineskins? Understanding the cooperative movement: Catalonia, 1860-1939

Published at: this link


WP02_2020 Entry with two correlated signals : the case of industrial espionage and its positive competitive effects

Published at: this link